Cricut Crafty Video

Cricut Crafty Video

Experimenting With the Use of Flower Prints

Many artists turn to nature to inspire their work. Floral patterns and designs can be found in all kinds of designs used throughout the world. There are even events and spectacles devoted entirely to flowers. When designing clothes, linens, and many other products, many people experiment with flower prints.

Buying Art Canvas Frames Verses Building Your Own

The last step in the process of creating artwork is framing your masterpiece. While you can leave your artwork bare, your painting will look much better, as well as withstand time more easily, when you take the time to frame it.

Rolls of the Canvas – What Every Artist Needs to Know

If you’re an artist and you spend a lot of time around other artists, then you probably know about all of the topics of conversation. Whenever a group of artists get together, they begin talking about materials.

An Internet Miracle – A Tale Of Imagination And Connection

I’ve recently enjoyed a bizarre and mysterious series of events occurring through our Internet connection. I had been quietly remembering the guy I’d call my closest-ever friend, watercolorist Robert Landry (1921-1991), and feeling extremely sad that so many years had gone by without contact. I had only recently discovered it was too late.

Dog Icons and Other Icon Designs

Icons also called as pictograms play a very important role in communication. Use of icons in designs and art is from centuries. Symbols use to play a very important role in communication. It’s a visual language.

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