Cricut Crafty Video 10/26/21

Cricut Crafty Video 10/26/21

Beautiful Victorian Greetings and Posters

Under the rule of the reigning sovereign Queen Victoria, fine art and sculpture found regular patronage and spread far and wide. The art of that period is a good reflection of the kind of society which existed then. It clearly depicts the status of women and sometimes men who formed the social order of the bygone era.

Victorian Images Present Antique Style

Victorian images are known for their antique appearance and the variations that are present in the style patterns. Most of the people are aware that these Victorian images are known for their feminine touch and this is one such reason that has played a vital role in augmenting their popularity.

Illustration in Visual Arts

The first instances of illustrations date back to the age of prehistoric cave paintings, depicting the then lifestyle. These pictorial representations are very informative, particularly because no script existed in those days. The early 8th century wooden handcrafted illustrations have been found in Japan and China. From the 15th century onwards, books on engraving, etching, and wood designing were available. The 18th century saw further development in the field due to the birth of lithography…

Who to Hire to Produce an Event Video

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Genre Paintings in Visual Art – Realizing Life on Canvas

Visual Arts is a broad terminology, encompassing the essence of Fine Arts, Contemporary Arts, and Applied Arts. Its all about capturing an artist’s vision on a canvas, mural, ceramic, or in the form of sculpture for the visual palate of the viewers. Genre Painting, a very important dimension of Visual Art, realistically depicts people and their lives by capturing real life situations.

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