Cricut Crafty Chat & Giveaways with Abby, Carole, Melody & Rita

Cricut Crafty Chat & Giveaways with Abby, Carole, Melody & Rita

What is Abstract Art?

The term ‘Art’ has got a wider meaning, hard to describe in simple words. In its most general senses, Abstract Art is something that stimulates an individual’s thoughts, emotions, beliefs, ideas or even imagination.

Mixed Media Prints – Mixing Art and Expressions

The mixed media prints have opened up new gateways of creativity, imagination and communication. This western contemporary art genre was first witnessed in 1970s and was produced by using different forms (two or more) artistic media.

Cooking Up Stained Glass Designs – Find Out Why This is Extremely Important

Find out how you can go about generating good ideas for your stained glass designs. Find out why this is the most important part of creating your art work.

Custom Framing – New Year is the Best Time to Redecorate and Frame Your Photos Or Artwork

When you are decorating the walls of your home, you would like to have lots of pictures on the walls. These pictures could be old photographs, or even pictures sketched by any family member, or any special memento or certificate awarded to you. Such special documents or pictures need to be custom framed so that they look good on your wall and also attract everybody’s attention.

Learn Calligraphy the Easy Way

Great tips and advice on learning calligraphy quickly and easily. Learn calligraphy today!

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