Cricut Crafty Chat Challenge - Halloween Addition

Cricut Crafty Chat Challenge – Halloween Addition

Motion Picture Cameras in the 3D World

Acting along the same principles of a still image camera, motion picture cameras capture action through a series of still images called frames. Frames in motion pictures are the exact equivalent to frames in your 3D Application.

How to Select the Perfect Team to Create Perfect Motion Graphics

Few video production companies can claim to have a wealth of in-house motion graphics talent right at their fingertips. The graphic designer should offer the latest in motion graphics technology.

What Are the Different Categories of Posters?

Everyday posters are being printed in an abundant supply. You can also make your own custom poster. If you decide to custom make your own poster you should remember that having your goal in mind while designing, the end product will be amazing. Posters fall into many different categories. Choose the category you would like for your poster to be in before you start working on it.

Spotlights and Directional Lights in the 3D World

Spotlights, both Target and Free, are useful for directing light and shadows in a specific direction. Spotlights were the original shadow-casting light in the 3D Studio series, so many people have gotten used to using them expressly for that purpose. Although the effect of shadows is useful, you will now need to evaluate if the situation calls for an Omni light or a spotlight.

Contrast and Soften Diffuse Edges in the 3D World

You have the ability to control the lighting’s effects on the contrast within the area that it shines. The Contrast spinner goes from 0 (normal contrast) to 100 percent. The result at 100 is a completely “contrasty” image, in which the image appears to be extremely blown out.

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