Cricut Cards from Start to Finish - Using HTV/Iron-On on Cardstock

Cricut Cards from Start to Finish – Using HTV/Iron-On on Cardstock

Western Art – Synchromism – An American Twist to Pure Abstraction

Synchromism, often wrongly spelt as Synchronism, was an American art movement founded in the year 1912-13. Co-founded by Abstractionists Morgan Russell (1886-1953) and Stanton MacDonald-Wright, this purely abstract style was the first to bring America on the international stage of Fine Arts. It is easy to draw a parallel between Synchromism and its Contemporary Art form Orphism, which was essentially a trend or specialization in the Cubist Art that placed a premium on the understanding and the use of colors. Orphism was considered the crucial piece leading to the evolution of Abstract Art from Cubism. The body of works in Orphism was related to the Greek God Orpheus, who represented music, fine arts, and the musical instrument lyre. Synchromism never restricted itself to a particular subject or a group of subjects. Nevertheless, in techniques and forms it remained similar to Orphism.

Tips For Buying Art Easels

Buying the perfect art easel can be a tough job. Depending on the what type of projects you work on and of course the mediums of your choice, you may need a very specific type of easel for complete satisfaction. There are so many options out there so doing your homework is more than necessary when you are ready to purchase a brand new easel for your studio. Here are five helpful tips when you are ready to buy.

Western Painting – Impasto – A Sculpture on Canvas

The Italian term ‘Impasto’ refers to a painting technique, in which thick textured paint is applied on canvas to get a three dimensional appearance of the picture being created. The style often leaves visible brush or knife strokes on the finished work, with a distinguished raised surface visible from the side. Heavy Impasto may even have shadows underneath the paint.

Caped Crusaders

Batman was always my favourite super hero. He had it all, the suit, the cars, the cape and of course the girls. His courageous and often death defying escapades thrilled me down to my little cotton socks as a boy, and if I’m honest, they still do.

Far Eastern Painting – Zhe School – Chinese Southern School of Art

The Chinese Zhe School of painting thrived during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Dai Jin (1388-1462), a revolutionary Chinese painter, had started the school in the 15th century. The political influence of Ming Royalty on art displeased Dai Jin and his close painter friends.

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