Cricut Brights Mystery Box! Sunflower Cutie Included!

Cricut Brights Mystery Box! Sunflower Cutie Included!

Wildlife Art, Create Your Own

How to create your own wildlife art, paintings, photos, archive-quality prints, posters, greetings cards etc. It’s easy!

Wildlife Art, How to Buy It

There are two main reasons that people buy wildlife art. The majority of people buying bird and animal art do so to hang in their home or office. A minority of people buy wildlife paintings or prints as an investment.

Using Free Graphic Design Software – The Key to Reducing Art Marketing Expenses

Many visual artists hit bumps in the road when it comes to submitting their work to shows that require digital submission. I’m going to tell you about three free graphic design software packages you can use to solve your image editing woes. Simple tasks like resizing a photograph or cropping out unwanted background noise can send seasoned visual artists to a paid professional for help, or worse, to the store to purchase an expensive graphic design software package.

Fractals Generated on Computer – Make Your Own, For Free

How to explore infinite worlds of computer-generated fractals, for free. How to find some really great free fractal-making software, and what you can do with the images once you’ve found them, as well as links to some of the most beautiful fractals ever discovered.

Art in the Digital Age

As the times change, so does the art. A new generation of street art has been born in the wake of the enormous technological boom we have seen. Digital art, a new, non-destructive form of street art is hitting the world by storm. What first started as a bunch of LED’s taped to magnets soon turned into something much more.

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