Cricut Bright Bow Mystery Box Cutie inside

Cricut Bright Bow Mystery Box Cutie inside

Designing With Plug-Ins in Your 3D Application

As a MAX user, you have one of the greatest advantages over users of other 3D software-the ability to expand. Through the use of the plug-in technology built into MAX, you can extend, enhance, or add features to the base product. Although MAX is capable of doing many things, some areas of the software could be enhanced or replaced by a good plug-in. Believe it or not, MAX is actually made up of plug-ins.

Importing New Objects AutoCAD to Max

Object names are derived from the AutoCAD layer name. For example, objects on an AutoCAD layer named Floor would be named Floor.01, Floor.02, and so on in MAX.

A Painting of Golgotha

The features that struck me the most about the painting “Golgotha” was its mystical yet gruesome quality, a mixture of mortal impermanence and spiritual eternity portraying the dismal site of Christ’s crucifixion at the “place of a skull”, or “skull hill”, known as Golgotha. Painted by Ilya Repin in 1922, Russian (born in the Ukraine 1844-1930), this large 6′ x 8′ oil painting is part of the permanent collection of the Princeton Museum of Art. Though morbidly real in its theme, a beauty emanates through a sensitive blending of textured pastel hues contrasting with dark shadows. Both chilling and awesome, the more I studied “Golgotha” the more I discovered some profound messages in its mist-enshrouded shadows.

Beautiful Tapestries to Liven Up Your Walls

Tapestries are an art form for textiles. It is woven and inter laced in a manner that will form a figure or an art piece. Tapestries are used for wall decorations. Tapestries depicts the era on which it was patiently woven. In the Renaissance time, tapestries are mostly about the lives of the Kings and Queens.

The Cinnabar Stupa As an Icon of Enlightenment and Chinese Craftsmanship

This article examines how the “Cinnabar Stupa”, created in China during the Qing dynasty, possesses the original stupa form, integrates contemporary symbols of spiritual enlightenment, and is an example of master Chinese craftsmanship. A stupa is a Buddhist monument that uses architectural form to describe the path of the Buddha-Dharma, or attainment of the enlightened mind.

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