Cricut Bright 360 Lamp - My Honest Review of the "Ultimate" LED Craft Light + Head-to-Head Tests!

Cricut Bright 360 Lamp – My Honest Review of the “Ultimate” LED Craft Light + Head-to-Head Tests!

Islamic Or Near East Painting – Ottoman Miniature – The Classical Expression of Key Events

For over three hundred years, Ottoman Miniature was a famous art form in the Ottoman Empire (Turkey). Associated with Persian Miniature, Chinese Art also strongly influenced it. During the rule of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, some artists were brought to Istanbul. They formed the first important Ottoman Miniatures. Sultan’s son Bayezid II promoted the creative form further and developed workshops in the palace for these artists.

Quick Portrait of the New Art Collector

According to recent data released by the National Endowment for the arts, general participation in art related events has been severely reduced. During 2008, most art forms saw a decline in the number of patrons supporting performances or exhibits. The general population that actually took part in such events also appeared to be aging, a trend that has shown an apparent streak of apathy about the arts in younger generations.

Monster Comics – I Am Coming For You

Some of the monsters are not so original like giant apes but the story line is nothing like King Kong. Each year there is usually a new Swamp Monster that crawls out of the bayou to reign terror on the helpless country side.

Epic Comics – Dreadstar, a Space Opera

The story line followed a war that occurred in outer space far from earth. Also in the early days of Epic comics was a Sci Fi thriller that involved super women warriors named “Six from Sirius”.

DC Comics’ Heroes – What About the Villains

The leader of the Fantastic Four has the same abilities but a different name, mmmmmm ok who is copying who? Then there was Metamorpho, the element man that could turn into a human torch. With a combined number at 73, the DC comics’ heroes and villains is a tough cast to follow. There are so many you can have several favorites. Best of all they will never be jealous of each other.

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