Cricut Bohemian Beauty Mystery Box! Cutie Included!

Cricut Bohemian Beauty Mystery Box! Cutie Included!

Texturing and Rendering a Robot

This tutorial will teach you how to add and assign material to the model. It is basic to intermediate level tutorial. For texturing we will take the model we made in the robot modeling tutorial.

Art Nouveau Explained

The visual art style of Art Nouveau is commonly recognized for its beautifully crafted floral ornaments and other smooth organic shapes, often inspired by nature, flowers and the female body. In general these can be described as foliate and vine-shaped forms.

About 3D Boolean Operations

3D Boolean operations in 3D programs are not always reliable and sometimes fail at apparently simple tasks. Some of their other drawbacks are: 3D Booleans add greatly to system overhead. 3D Boolean operations can create long thin faces in a mesh object.

Art Festivals – 7 Suggestions For After the Festival

Art festivals are a sure sign of fall! We love the corn maze, pumpkin carving and the many other activities that we participate in each year. But, we as artists, love the art festivals also.

Stencil Carving

Have you ever tried to carve a face on a pumpkin, in preparation for Halloween or a cool Halloween party? Well chances are you may have done a simple face like a triangle eyes nose and curved mouth with the thought “Is this the best I can do??” If you want to impress your guests at a Halloween party or have a party where you carve pumpkins with your friends – why don’t you try stencil carving on a pumpkin?

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