Cricut Beginners - What I wish I knew before I got a Cricut - Getting started with Cricut

Cricut Beginners – What I wish I knew before I got a Cricut – Getting started with Cricut

Michelangelo’s David

Two other artists had rejected the piece of marble Michelangelo used to sculpt his famous statue of David, because they claimed it lacked perfection. Michelangelo was able to create something beautiful despite the flawed material he had been given.

Leonardo Da Vinci Fingerprints Found

The most mysterious scholar of all times is back again. The fingerprints of the Italian mystic and scientist Leonardo da Vinci were found on  ‘La Belle Principessa’ on October 14th. This profile portrait of a woman was previously thought to be created by a 19th century German artist and was sold two years ago at 19,000 USD.

Near-Eastern Painting – Madhubani – The Folk Art of East India

Madhubani, also known as Mithila Art, is a genre of East Indian art from the state of Bihar. This art is thousands of years old and is linked with the period of Ramayana. Madhubani Painting was first adopted by the court artists of King Janak of Videha, for the matrimonial ceremony of Sita, Janak’s daughter, to Lord Ram. Since then, Madhubani has been a domestic art form of rural India, created by the women in the Mithila area. Interestingly, these women cover a wide variety of subjects, from the mundane to the mythical. They are known to be extremely meticulous and exacting in the techniques employed for such works.

Near Eastern Painting – Tanjore Painting – Pride of South India

Tanjore Painting (Tamil: Thanjavur Oviyum) holds a special place in the history of Indian painting. It emerged in a South Indian state Tamil Nadu, in a city called Tanjore or Thanjavur, also famously known as the “Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu.” Thanjavur is famous for different types of arts and crafts, among which Tanjore Paintings are highly appreciated.

Islamic Or Near Eastern Painting – Persian Miniature – A Creative Tradition From the Middle East

Persian Miniature – The Introduction A Persian Miniature is a small painting depicting mythological and religious themes from the Middle East (now known as Iran). The fascination of artists (from across the world) to this art form is owed to its high level of detail and complexity. A use of vivid colors is matched with it, for a visually intriguing effect. In compliance with Islamic law, Persian Miniature, like other Islamic art forms, is non-representational. However, these decorative designs usually hold meaning associated to its patterns and motifs, often illustrating historical, folk, or religious themes.

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