Cricut Access Exclusive sale! 13 rolls of Premium Vinyl for $22.40 that is $1.72 each.

Cricut Access Exclusive sale! 13 rolls of Premium Vinyl for $22.40 that is $1.72 each.

Steampunk Nerf – Who’s Behind These Cool Painted Nerf Guns?

Steampunk is something that has been bouncing around with painted Nerf guns. This article will tell you what or who this movement is.

Designing a 3D Scene For Highlights

When you stare down a city street at night or casually glance at a pond illuminated by the setting sun, chances are you have seen a highlight. Highlights are multi-pointed streaks that emanate from an intense light source or reflection of a light source on a shiny surface.

Using Flare Versus 3D Highlight

Although this chapter is about creating highlights, you need not use just the Highlight module to produce them. As a matter of fact, the only way to get highlights on light sources is to use the Flare module. The examples you will explore in this chapter will show the usage of both modules to produce the most desirable effect. However, there are two rules you should follow when creating highlights:

Using 3D Highlights Vary Sections

The commands available in the Vary section of Highlight attempt to randomize the size or angle, or both, through a random seed value. The default is just to vary the size. If you turn on the vary option for Angle, you will see why it defaults to off.

Working With 3D Highlight

Highlight does not work much like Glow or Flare-in the sense that the modules are not set up the same way. Highlights are, by far, the most difficult to control of any of the Lens Effects module effects.

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