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Cricut Access Exclusive Flash Sale!

Play and Experience Different Tricks With Oil Paints

Oil paint is very popular medium that is used for many purposes. It dries up slowly as compared to acrylic varieties. However, proper training and skill is required if you want to be perfect in working and playing with oil colors. You can also get more perfection by layering again and again on the canvas with their help.

Fra Angelico – A Pious Renaissance Artist

A prominent Renaissance Florentine painter Fra Angelico (1387-1455) was a highly professional and skilled artist. His style was a perfect blend of decorative Gothic style and realistic Renaissance Art. His impressive, life-like monumental paintings and frescoes have marked him as an artist with a peculiar pious mysticism in his work.

Caterina Van Hemessen – A Flemish Portraitist of Renaissance Age & Realist Flavor

Flemish Renaissance painter Caterina van Hemessen was born in 1528. She was the daughter of famous Northern Renaissance painter Jan Sanders van Hemessem (1500-66), who was well known in Antwerp for his Mannerist works. An established portrait painter, he began to train Caterina at a very young age. As a result, she grew up to be a brilliant portraitist and Renaissance painter.

How to Get the Best Modern Canvas Art Prints – Some Keywords to Remember Whilst Ordering Online

Modern canvas art prints provide a good breather for your home. Here are some keywords to include when ordering online.

How to Use Colored Pencils

If you have been working with a simple pencil and a piece of paper for awhile, the idea of being able to trade in the color gray for an entire palette of colors is pretty exciting. Here are some tips for using colored pencils that will help you maximize the “bang” color can deliver.

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