Cricut 101: Infusible Ink Cat Pillow

Cricut 101: Infusible Ink Cat Pillow

Rule of Seven Explains Why Artists Get Discouraged

Today, I see many artists who want more exposure for their art and in order to achieve more sales of their art. In order to meet this goal, artists will begin to promote their art work with a marketing program. When that marketing does not produce the results that were hoped for, the artist becomes discouraged and gives up their marketing efforts. The Rule of Seven may help to explain why an artist’s marketing effort does not create the results that were envisioned.

Decorating Ideas and Funny Stickers

For most people decorating their home can be fun but unfortunately it can also be frustrating. Everyone loves the idea of updating their space with a fresh new look but the cost of doing this can be infuriating.

Funny Stickers and Other Gift Ideas

Every year it seems it gets more and more difficult to find just the right gift for friends and family. For most people, the price tag is not the most important part of the gift.

Express Yourself With Custom Bumper Stickers

Individuals are unique. Unfortunately, that uniqueness is not always celebrated. Consequently, one can end up feeling as though they can from the same mold as all of their peers.

At-Home Screen Printing With Yudu

Invite the world to discover who you really are and where you’ve been, by way of the original messages on your t-shirts. Give everyone you see a sample of your perspective in the most stylish way possible -screen printing!

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