Creativity Unleashed with Cricut Maker™ 3

Creativity Unleashed with Cricut Maker™ 3

The Potential Techniques That One Could Use in Your Stone Carving Pursuit

Stone carving is an artistic style pursued by several new artisans. Several stone carving artisans are uninformed of the piece they are trying to make until they have begun to form and see the potential that can be discovered in stone masonry.

How to Draw the Skeleton of Great White Shark

Great White Shark is the largest known extant macro predatory fish. With up to 300 serrated teeth spread in several rows, the great white shark preys on seals, sea lions, and small toothed whales. Found in all major oceans, the Great White Shark is about six meters long and weighs 2240 kilograms. Its torpedo shaped body and strong tail allows it to effortlessly cruise at 15 miles an hour.

How to Create an Animation on Your Computer

Ever wanted to create your own animation? Here’s a really simple and easy way to do it. By using some free software, you can make simple or complex animations.

How to Draw the Skeleton of an Eagle

Belonging to the ‘bird of prey’ family or the hunter group, eagles are large and mighty. They have strong beaks to rip the flesh of their prey and have the power of flight with an observant eye.

The Number 1 Secret to Selling Your Art

If you’re an artist just starting out or trying to emerge into the art marketplace you may be wondering how to get noticed and make money with your talent. Often there is a lot of myths and mystery surrounding this process. Here’s what you need to know.

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