CreateRoom DreamBox [Lowest Price Ever + Free Gift]

CreateRoom DreamBox [Lowest Price Ever + Free Gift]

Online Art Sales – How to Buy Quality Originals For the Price of Prints

Buying original art via online art sales and auctions can be challenging and expensive. Many casual art collectors settle for prints instead. However there are ways to buy originals for the price of prints. The article discusses some compromises that the collector may consider in order to purchase originals for the price of prints.

A Beautiful Investment

An investment in art could be one of the best investments you will make. It is crucial to choose the right artist at the right time. Investing in art can be very rewarding and having the pleasure of the artwork in your home is a lovely bonus.

Making Canvas Paintings Will Make You Into A Well-Rounded Artist

You began with store-bought canvases, but now you’re ready for the big time: making your own canvas paintings. As you head to the craft store, you ponder the basics of canvas material and stretcher boards. Pine is the usual wood used for stretchers, but you have an idea. Why not balsa?

A Case For Art Cases

There are many types of art cases available, and any artist should have at least a few of them around. The difficult part is deciding which cases are right for you and your work.

Learn Photoshop – Cropping Or Zooming to Optimize the Images

Firstly, you need to know the tools and its options. There are many features existing in Photoshop Toolbar in the effort to edit so you can represent the optimum image in any occasion. The toolbar options can help you to erase, paint, add text, blur images, or make selections and others functions you can find.

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