Create a Card from Design to Finish - Cricut Card Challenge

Create a Card from Design to Finish – Cricut Card Challenge

Converting Your Favourite Photos Onto a Canvas Print

Converting your photos onto a canvas print has been thought to be quite a difficult task. It is however a lot more easy than you think.

The Erotic Art of Gerardo Navarro Gomez – La Rubia Negra

The art of Gerardo Navarro, a native of Oaxaca, Mexico, runs the gamut of imagery, ranging from representations of Mexican conservative Catholic religious beliefs, to erotic art which tests the sensibilities of the most liberal amongst us. He lives in an Eden-like tranquil village environment, with his mother and three sisters each of whom weaves fine cotton textiles using the ancient back strap looms. All of the incongruities are, however, explainable, through exploring the unique background of the artist and his family.

Defeating Dissatisfaction When Learning Drawing

You may be disturbed and demoralized because you have just begun to be trained in how to draw and you are discovering it to be tougher than you believed it was. No matter what the reason for your current situation is – you’ll overcome it! Just read on.

Famous Renaissance Art & Oil Paintings – David

David is a classic Renaissance sculpture by Michelangelo, an Italian artist who was involved in many different fields during his illustrious career. Michelangelo was a surprise choice, at only 26, for the commission of the Biblical King David. It took him 3 years, from 1501 to 1504 to create one of the most respected pieces of Renaissance art ever created, and it stands alongside his best oil paintings as one of Michelangelo’s best works.

How to Choose a Logo Design Company

How do you trust an online logo provider with something as important as your company’s new corporate identity? How can you choose one from the thousands of poorly differentiated logo houses?

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