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CRAFTERS DO NOT MISS THIS!!! Design bundles Dollar Deals – SHOP WITH ME – Live

How to Create Animated Greeting Cards

Greetings help you to communicate your feelings and thoughts to your dear and near ones. They can be used not only for personal purposes but also for promotional reasons. In today’s modernized world, you can create online greetings to send to the people on different occasions.

Artist Canvas – Where the Magic Happens

Canvas has long been a favorite surface for artists to express themselves on. Originating in the thirteenth century, canvas replaced the wooden panels typically used for oil paints. The fabric is revered for its timelessness. Once properly primed, the fabric can hold paint for hundreds of years without wear.

African Art – The Best Contemporary Art Among All Other Arts

When it comes to Contemporary paintings,Africa is the best one among all others,and it is called a Home for contemporary arts.You can find lots of modern days African artists in some of the museum collections.

Contemporary Canvas Art

The great thing about these prints is that they keep brightness of the original photo as well as adding some interesting features. Do you want to know more about canvases?

7 Interesting Facts About Vincent Van Gogh

In this review of 7 interesting facts about Van Gogh, it is important to realize that this is only an inkling of facts and figures about one of the greatest artists the world has ever known. The following 7 interesting facts are taken from historical records and are not biased opinions.

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