CRAFTERS DO NOT MISS THIS!!! Design bundles Dollar Deals - SHOP WITH ME - Live

CRAFTERS DO NOT MISS THIS!!! Design bundles Dollar Deals – SHOP WITH ME – Live

Contemporary Paintings, Modern Art, Abstract Paintings – What’s the Difference?

I think we are all still trying to figure out how to classify artwork. Here is a little art history that will help clear any confusion about terms like “contemporary paintings” or “modern art.”

Health and Safety For the Visual Artist

Here you will find common sense advice to preserve your mental, physical and financial safety. This article is in two parts: simple steps to ensure you and your clients’ safety, and networking with other artists to safeguard your mental health and prevent feelings of isolation.

The Online Designer Tool – What is in Store?

There are many print companies online that go far beyond supplying the automatic quotation. Today there are a myriad of applets that enable a user to go on the internet and use a simple tool that produces a piece of artwork that can go straight to print.

Stone Lithography I – Alois Senefelder

While visual media are quite diverse, one of the most important turning points came with the invention of the printing press. A true revolutionary creation, it opened up a whole new medium in the form of relief prints. For the first time, an artist was able to carve an image onto wooden or metal blocks, ink the block and impress it on paper. Furthermore, relief printing created the first kind of reproducible art.

The Height and Relativity of Pop Art

The technique and the idea of the movement known as canvas art had developed and ramified into a famous sub-branch known as art canvas. Those who are unaware of the designs of pop art may have acquired some pieces of art canvas either as gifts or as a great addition for your walls to have that personality and colour.

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