CRAFTERS DO NOT MISS THIS!!! Design bundles Dollar Deals - SHOP WITH ME - Live

CRAFTERS DO NOT MISS THIS!!! Design bundles Dollar Deals – SHOP WITH ME – Live

Forbidden Images of Homosexual and Lesbian Sex in Shunga

The focus of this article is on a hidden part within the Japanese erotic art form called shunga. It discusses the “hidden domain” of the homosexual and lesbian themes depicted in this genre. At the end of this article you can find a list of recommended books on shunga which provide information on these subjects and a list of important shunga artists.

To Promote Your Business Choose the Printer Carefully

The printer needs to be selected very carefully as the success of your business branding and promotion rests largely on their services. The quality of the print is of extreme importance to take the brand to the path of success.

Manga Artists’ Workload and Specializations

It is a common understanding that many manga-kas, or manga artists, work for the art’s sake, not for monetary gains. Even though comics boom and increasing interest of young people in fascinating Japanese manga works are the factors that many smart people can take advantage of, still there are a lot of creative people, both professionals and doujinshi amateurs, who get the most pleasure at the fact of solid readership and sole creation of bright comics personalities.

Audience With the Queens

A documentary film that profiles the lives and experiences of a group of Drag Queens in Key West, Florida. When a straight guy takes a look at the other side, he produces an eye-opening film about the lives and experiences of Drag Queens, both onstage and off.

Learn to Draw Caricatures – The 7 Features You Need to Focus on to Be Successful

Are you interested in drawing caricatures? Do you know what features to look for and incorporate in your drawings? Learn from an expert exactly what you need to focus on and “see” to become successful.

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