Craft Room Makeover 2021

Craft Room Makeover 2021

Wall Art Is The Best Solution For This Autumn

Autumn has arrived with a vengeance and the weather has changed. However, this can also be a very beautiful season with the autumn leaves, cool temperatures, billowing cloudy skies and all in all seem like a pretty romantic setting with the gold’s and browns of them leaves hanging from the trees. Anyway the cooler and colder the weather gets in your town or village, the more time you want to stay in at your comfortable, warm and enjoyable placed called home.

Learn How to Fill Your Art With Light and Color

If you learn how to fill your art with light and color you will be engaging in one of the most delightful aspects of creativity. Furthermore it is a way of adding depth and realism to any work of art.

Learn the Best Times to Use Photographic Reference

Many artists use photographic reference at some point during their career as painters. Basically all the term means Photographic reference is often used to study human poses.

Creating Visual Pathways Through A Painting

Creating visual pathways through a painting helps keep the work of art interesting. The other purpose of a visual pathway is to create an interesting focal point. It is a way of keeping their attention on the main point of the work.

How to Use Different Colors to Paint Realistically

If you are a beginner artist you might be curious as to how to use different colors so that your painting is represented accurately and realistically. Here are a few oil painting tips that can help you achieve the desired effect.

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