Buying Handmade Art Products Online: Caveat Emptor

Buying handmade art products and visual arts has become so popular that entire website marketplace venues are available online to satisfy the demand. And there are millions of highly talented and skilled artists and artisans ready to provide the supply. So there you have it…plenty of handmade art to go around and plenty of buyers ready to plunge into the online shopping experience.

Genius – Three Ways to Be One

We are often told that anyone can achieve success. If you want it enough. If you try hard enough. If you have the talent. Yet many talented and dedicated people never achieve Fame or Fortune in their chosen field. What makes one person a recognised genius and another an also-ran? We know the genius must possess two things. I think there is a third.

World Events in Tapestries

The media today is packed full of doom and gloom – wars, economy, stock market, tsunamis, earthquakes, hunger, global warming – the list is endless. But how different is it today compared to 700 years ago, 400 years ago or 200 years ago?

After Effects Projects – Flexible Technology

The demand for a high standard of motion graphics is increasing all the time and this high standard is available through the use of Adobe After Effects. After Effects projects give the client a visually effectual presentation that has a professional appearance. It allows individuals to gain from all the enhancements without having to pay for the initial costs of such images.

Why Am I Interested in Using Recycled Materials for My Artwork?

In this article I will explain my thoughts and feeling on the art materials that I use and why it is such a great way to create art. I hope that you will be inspired to use more recycled materials to create great art. First of all their free, second of all they actually look quite nice used in the right way, and thirdly it is such a great way to save the planet. It is taking something which is harmful and a potential disaster and showing the world that actually it can be something so beautiful. It is also a more creative way of recycling than just putting it in the recycling bin or taking it to the bottle bank at the local Tesco.

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