Christmas Pine Cones made with Paper, Glitter, & Glue!

Christmas Pine Cones made with Paper, Glitter, & Glue!

Japanese Aesthetic Concepts in Arts

Japanese art aesthetic concept, derived from diverse traditional culture, are formed in the production of forms which were refined trough centuries of history. Japanese arts are also different in perception to those of Western cultures.

Dog Art Prints

If you love dogs then you may want to have dog art prints around your home to show your love of this animal. There are many different types of dog art that you can purchase and which ones you decide on will depend on your taste and budget. You can buy either original art prints or prints from today which are more modern.

Art, Not Vandalism – Learn to Graffiti

When graffiti artists like Banksy came onto the scene of the art world, graffiti has become more widely recognised as a form or art and expression-although for many it is still merely nuisance vandalism. As with any form of art there will always be the critics who don’t understand it. But for many graffiti art is one of the newest additions to the world of fine art.

To Learn to Graffiti You Must Know About the History and Meaning of Graffiti

In order to learn to graffiti you need to know that it’s about more than just learning how to tag your name. To avoid making a bad name for yourself or getting on the wrong side of other graffiti writers you’ve got to be committed to learn to graffiti the right way. All graffiti writers start out labeled as ‘toys’.

Why Sell Artwork Online – Is It Worthwhile in This Economy?

For some reason we all assume that as money gets tighter people are less likely to splurge on discretionary items like art – so why would you waste your time trying to sell artwork online? People will always buy art and it is exactly this kind of thinking that stops most artists from successfully selling their art. As human beings we like to have our creature comforts, granted when money is limited we do try to make do with less.

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