Light and Shade in Drawing

Getting the light and shade right in a drawing is one of the keys to its success. By simplifying the process of identifying shadows and highlights, anyone can use some simple techniques to improve their drawing skills.

Practical Tips on Wall Stenciling

If you are not that impressed with the limited designs of wall papers in the hardware store, there’s actually another way for you to creatively spruce up your home. Wall stenciling is a very popular way of decorating your home. Depending on your painting skills, drawing on stencils on your walls is actually fairly easy and can be a less bothersome job compared to putting wallpapers.

Where to Download Stencils on the Web

Do you have an art or home project wherein you will be needing stencils? In case you’re still not that confident about your own stencil-making skills, the internet is actually filled with lots of choices for possible designs that you can use. Best of all, you can actually download stencils on the web for free.

All About the Practical Art of Stenciling

Are you interested in trying your hand at stenciling? Well it’s actually pretty easy, in fact, you can learn all about creating stencils all by yourself. What you should do is to immerse yourself to the art of creating stencils, just look for websites and books that carries various designs of stencils and try to study these all on your own.

How to Get Creative With Your Stencil Designs

Have you recently gotten into stenciling? Well it is a very fun thing to do especially if you are into art. You can try looking at various stencil designs that can be found online to help you draw inspiration for your very own stencils or you can just start doodling free hand.

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