Christmas Bendy card Using HTV,  Adhesive foil, Acetate, Foiled Kraft Board and Cardstock.

Christmas Bendy card Using HTV, Adhesive foil, Acetate, Foiled Kraft Board and Cardstock.

Western Art – Feminist Art – The Female Voice of Evolution

Feminist Art – The Concept and History The Feminist Art Movement surfaced during the late 1960s, when women got interested to know and understand the difference between women and male artists at creative and gender treatment levels. As we all know, earlier, men dominated the society globally. This was carried until quite late and the gender-based approach manifested itself in various forms, affecting nearly every lifestyle. Art was affected too. Male artists maintained studio systems, which excluded women from being trained as artists. The galleries and museums of even high repute did not allow women to exhibit or sell their artworks.

How Much Money Can You Earn As a Graphic Designer?

One significant factor affecting your pay rate is demand of skills. If your skill is specialized or is in high demand, then you know you can demand a higher salary.

How to Impress Your Clients As a Graphic Designer

If you really want to impress your clients as a graphic designer, then offer them something which they cannot find elsewhere. If you offer something unique or go beyond your duties, then you will win them over for good.

All About Web Site Design Jobs For Freelance Graphic Designers

Websites have become one of the biggest sources of employment for freelance graphic designers. Web sites often require meticulous design. A trained graphic designer is best suited for website design jobs.

Working in Animation As a Graphic Designer

Being an animator is a dream come true for many graphic designers who are seeking to specialize in an area of design. But is working in animation all it’s really cracked up to be?

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