Change Foil Transfer Tool Tips

Change Foil Transfer Tool Tips

Are You an Artist or a Groupie – Can You Be Both?

The other day I was speaking with a very talented artist. In fact, she often scours the Internet for creative genius level local artists. Indeed, she has found a few too. One in a nearby city, one who teaches art at a local university, and one who is the epitome of the “starving artist” who has talent beyond belief. Interestingly enough, her artwork is quickly becoming one with that level of expertise and enlightenment. Apparently, some of these artists’ creative stimulus has rub off on her.

Using Adobe Creative Suite to Create a Favorites Icon

The word “favicon” stands for “favorites icon”. It is the graphic that appears in the browser’s URL bar next to the page name. This article discusses – what is a favicon- how to create a favicon using Adobe Creative Suite – and why it is an important feature for your website.

Distinctions Between Typeface and Font

When producing typefaces, style is crucial and plays a huge role in the direction designer takes. A skilled designer should know the distinction between typefaces and fonts in order to make sure they manage to provide a modern appearance with the material on their website.

TypeFace and Internet Design

Typeface designs are not specifically on top of the minds of a typical blog site visitor. Using a specific font for a blog can influence the viewer’s reaction to the written content.

Comic Books in Texas: Business Entity

This is the first in a soon to be series of articles giving a general glaze over the ins and outs to starting as a comic book publisher in Texas. This one details business entity selection and its rigors.

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