Car Coasters with Cricut Infusible Ink

Car Coasters with Cricut Infusible Ink

Using Blurs and Attenuation in 3D Renderings

You can use Blur, Defocusing, and Attenuation to your advantage to improve anti-aliasing quality. The Ray tracer, out of the gate, has a decent Ray tracing engine. Sometimes, however, it needs a little kick in the pants for some scenes. This kick can be done by manipulating the Blur, Defocusing, and Attenuation settings.

Global Exclusion in 3D Renderings

Global exclusion is designed for you to eliminate an object or objects from being calculated in any ray tracing. Use this feature when you do not want any of the materials rendering a certain object through Ray traced reflections or refractions. This works well when you exclude large, complex objects or many small objects.

Single Versus Dual Pipe Acceleration in 3D Renderings

In the Global Parameters section of the Ray trace material or map, there is a grayed-out section towards the bottom of the dialog box. If you check the Manual Acceleration check box, the whole area becomes active-just tapped into the Voxel Tree controls of the Ray tracer. Normally, you are leaving it up to the Ray tracer to decide things.

Ray Tracing Optimizations in 3D Rendering

At this point, you are probably thinking that you will never finish another project on time if you use ray tracing-doomed to using Reflection and Refraction maps. Although it is true that ray tracer can dramatically slow down rendering speeds, there are also some ways that you can maximize the usage of built-in optimizations of the Ray tracing engine itself.

Detailed 3D Geometry, Animations and Anti-Aliasing

Detailed geometry often requires anti-aliasing. The primary reason is the amount of reflection or refraction that takes place on geometry with higher face counts. Ray traced reflections and refractions rely on faces to work. (Refer to the section on voxel trees for more information.) The more faces a Ray traced Renderer has to work with, the better the reflections and refractions are.

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