Candy Crafts for Christmas | Candy Christmas Tree, Christmas Gnomes + Rudolph Candy Holder!

Candy Crafts for Christmas | Candy Christmas Tree, Christmas Gnomes + Rudolph Candy Holder!

Creating Unique Birth Announcements and Baby Shower Invitation Cards

There are several stylish ways of making a birth announcement and invitation at the same time for the baby shower. You can opt for the ready-made ones or have them printed and send them anywhere. Whether ready-made or printed, you can always find hundreds of these exciting designs, forms and colors to suit your specific needs.

Building the Basic 3D Model

Models that you build for cinematic sequences will more than likely start from simpler objects. As a matter of fact, this is often easiest to do. Depending on your background, you may find “building” a model from a simple object or “sculpting” a more complex model from a simple piece of geometry easier. In either case, with your 3D Program you have the luxury of starting simple and getting complex only when and where you need it.

Deactivating All Maps and Disable Textures in 3D

Switching off maps in your view ports can be done in two other ways. One is more permanent while the other is designed to be temporary. The Deactivate All Maps option, new to your 3D Program, turns off the Display Maps button for every material that is currently displaying a map in the screen. The key thing to remember about this option is that it is not a toggle.

Streamlining Texture Mapping in a 3D World

Textures are an essential part of any scene, especially high-resolution models. As of your 3D Program, you have been able to display those textures in your view ports. This invaluable feature makes placing decals and the like on objects extremely easy. As an animator, it becomes a critical component of the scene design process.

Saving RAM Memory For 3D Modeling

No matter what anyone tells you, consider RAM memory first when buying or upgrading a computer, especially if you work with high-resolution models. You see, your 3D Program has no concept of external reference modeling to help streamline the process. External referencing objects, or references, are proxy components within your scene that point to, or reference, another file.

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