Can You Use Infusible Ink on Dry Erase Board?

Can You Use Infusible Ink on Dry Erase Board?

Durer Prints

Albrecht Durer is a famous printmaker from the German period of the Northern Renaissance. Durer prints, paintings and etchings are still well known and respected around the world, for the reasons explained within this article.

Ability + Creativity= Artistic Success

Learning to honor your creative spirit is being an artist. As a child did you doodle, draw or make objects from sticks, pipe cleaners or clay? Or, you may have been like I was.

Digital Photo Manipulation – A Leading Artist’s Perspective

“It’s only digital photo manipulations and the images seem so random!” These words roll off the critic’s tongue and hang in the air during the course of the one on one discussion, cutting deep into the artist’s psyche, initially creating a gulf between the mindsets of the two.

Hanging Pictures – Techniques From Leading Galleries

Hanging pictures has always remained an integral aspect of embellishing our homes since the time humans learned the art of painting cave walls in prehistoric times. Ancient people considered art as a magic that ferried us from an earthly to an eternal life. Surprisingly this concept has more truth to it than you would imagine as what we take in visually remains in our subconscious mind.

Sculpture, Discover the Art Within

This article explains the different types of sculptures along with their common examples. There are different sculptures made throughout the world that depict different cultures, famous personalities, the legends in the history, famous places, events, and much more.

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