Bride and Bridesmaid sashes with Heat Transfer vinyl - Iron on on Satin

Bride and Bridesmaid sashes with Heat Transfer vinyl – Iron on on Satin

Venetian Masquerade Masks – History and Uses

The use of Venetian masquerade masks originated from Venice, Italy for their festival. This kind of mask was worn during the Carnival that was first documented use was shown as far back as the 13th century. During the carnival in Venice, people used masks to hide their true faces and be able to mingle with people of different social standings.

Dokra Craft & Dhokra Metal Craft – Traditional Brassware Art Masterpieces From Artisans of Bengal

Many people in the west and also in India have this strange misconception that Dokra craft refers to ornate tribal jewelry made by the tribals in the backward regions of India. In truth Dokra craft refers to all those metal artifacts made with the help of lost wax technique manufactured by the Dokra kamars of Bengal and elsewhere.

Glow Effect Restrictions and Controls in the 3D World

Using glow in a scene enables you to effectively communicate brightness. However, a crucial element is controlling the amount of glow and where it occurs in the scene.

Additional Glowing Source Options in the 3D World

Although not as significant as the major glowing source options (G-Buffer ID, Material ID, and Unclamped colors), the remainder of keys available makes it painless to add glow effects to other areas of your scene or geometry. In this section, you see some brief examples of how you might use these other keying methods.

Can Hiring a Graphic Designer Help You?

Your business is just starting and you need ideas to get marketing off the ground. Money is tight, so you need to spend wisely.

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