Typography: The Basics

When setting out to learn design, whether it be graphic design or web design, typography is one of the first things you should learn. Typography is the art and technique of type design and the arrangement of type, including point size, length, line spacing and typefaces. Typography was a specialized occupation until the digital age, when it opened up to new generations of visual designers.

Modern Art Watercolour Paintings – Experiencing the Joy of Painting the Landscape

Painting the modern watercolour painting, especially when you are out in the landscape is a marvelously fresh and powerful way to make art. The fluidity of the medium, the quality of the marks and the ability to use the paper as a white – or pure light, is extremely attractive to an artist.

Graphic Design Courses – Technology Opening Doors Into the Future

As the entertainment industry is expanding, and along with it, the need for businesses and corporations to provide more interactive and entertaining content and marketing messages, the demand for experienced and suitably qualified graphic designers has been expanding rapidly over the past decade. Additionally, the demand from businesses and corporations to remain at the forefront of consumer’s attention has created an unprecedented level of demand for creative and graphic services, each fighting for market share and brand recognition in an ever competitive and fragmented marketplace and economy. The industries that are experiencing high levels of demand for graphic designers include website and online marketing, animation, advertising and publicity, print and electronic media, including a recent trend toward social network marketing.

African Art Is a Rhythmic Mix of the Real and the Unreal

For centuries now, African art and African artwork have been preserved and honored for its unique depictions of the nature. Most of these are based on human expressions and emotions. However, not everything you see in African crafts is a depiction of reality.

Sports Logos – How to Choose

A logo is a graphical symbol which aims to add a visual representation of a sports team. A sports team logo design plays an important role in giving a team an identity among fans and competitors. It can reflect the mood and determination of the team, its goal to win and the spirit of success. Sports logos should be energetic and be a powerful bridge to connect the team with its admirers.

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