Bonus Video!

Bonus Video!

The Viewfinder Frame

The viewfinder frame will help you see spatial relations and will also raise the accuracy of your drawing. This device will make you focus more on what you are about to draw. As you look through a viewfinder frame the main points on an image will be easier to bring on paper using the graduated marks. The viewfinder frame and the paper that you will draw on are necessary to be in the same proportion. Now let’s see how you make a viewfinder frame.

How to Look and See What You Want to Draw

Drawing is basically the ability to go from the mental perception of what is around you to the visual perception of things around you. The next step is to illustrate what you see on a piece of paper. At the same time, as these skills will grow, your own creative side will come closer to surface. After this, ambition, curiosity and personal skills take it to the next level. If you want to open your eyes, you need to talk about filters and frames.

Using a Picture Plane

First of all you need to know what is a picture plane. A picture plane is the imaginary visual plane positioned in front of your eyes, turning just like you do, to look at the world like through a window.

Art Appreciation – A Rich, Rewarding Experience

I DON’T KNOW MUCH ABOUT ART BUT I KNOW WHAT I LIKE? Perhaps you’ve gone to a gallery or art museum, looked at the artwork displayed and said to yourself, “What the heck is that? I can’t understand it! Why is this here in a gallery?” Or, maybe you’ve gone to a gallery or art museum and your reactions was, “Wow! Great stuff! I like this! I don’t know why, but I do!”

How to Draw a Boa

Boa constrictor, or simply boa, is a large-sized species of snake, with bulky bodies. These are non-venomous reptiles from Central & Southern America and the Caribbean region. On an average, the males grow up to 8 feet, while the females can be much longer (up to 14 feet).

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