Bonus Video!

Bonus Video!

The Creative Weavings of the Southwest Zapotec Indians

Getting a genuine piece of Zapotec Indian art is both a wonderful southwest decor addition and an educational, cultural experience. Every piece of southwest Zapotec Indian art is created by hand, by these talented and creative people. When purchasing a tapestry, rug, or pillow made by southwest Zapotec Indians, you can be assured that hundreds of years of artistic heritage is behind each piece.

Marketing? But I’m an Artist!

Marketing has been described as the methodology used to attract customers, communicate to them your product or service and develop a relationship based on value perceived by both parties. (My own paraphrase of many definitions.) What does this mean for an artist and why does marketing seem like such a difficult task?

5 Steps to Create Your Own Real-Sized Cardboard Cutout

Do you ever dream of that your favorite artist standing beside you? Or maybe you want to have real-sized photograph of your idol? So, you are able to see your idol in a real-sized and make you feel close to him/her. Just create it by your own hand. Yeah, you can craft the real-sized cardboard cutouts at your comfy home.

Is the Technical Illustrator a Dying Profession?

Over the last twenty five years considerable changes have been see in the shape of Technical Publications departments. The traditional roles of the technical author and technical illustrator have changed dramatically, but have we now got to the stage where the technical illustrator is no longer required?

Tapestries For Every Occasion

Tapestries are one of the oldest art forms known to the man and it should be no surprise that many turn to wards these pieces to decorate the walls and rooms of their homes. These art pieces are timeless for some as their historical as well as emotional value are unmatched by other forms of art.

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