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Bonus Video!

Photos on Canvas – How to Find the Right Company

You must have heard about photos on canvas and their features. But probably you are worrying how to find a good company to do exactly what you want of some of your photos. Some people are of the opinion that we usually get the service on what we pay for it. This is true to some extent but not always.

Rose Drawings – 7 Tips Make Learning Easier and Faster

These rose drawings tips give the brain a workout. The result is being able to learn more easily faster, and improve attention while getting smarter. Training in visual arts helps from kindergarten through college and career. It enhances memory and recall, increases comprehension, develops greater confidence, and improves work performance.

Why it is Important to Sign Your Painting?

When we see artworks displayed in libraries we see that they are signed below or somewhere on the painting. Thus we recognize the work of such an such a artist. Signing is very important as this gives identity to the painting as well as the artist. If you are a serious artist and wish to make a successful career out of art it is very important to sign your works.

Want to Rank Higher in Searches? Use Keyword Phrases For Your Art Business

Everyone who owns and operates an art website wants their site to be ranked higher and to be seen when people search for an art related website or for an art service. How can an artist, art gallery or some other art related business rank higher when people are searching for a product or service?

The #1 Reason Why Artists Do Not Get Accepted Into Art Exhibitions

With more and more art galleries and art organizations using the internet and email as a way to receive and administer their art show entries, an artist needs to follow the rules more closely than ever. I see at least 30% of the artists every month who ignore the rules and prospectus requirements for a particular art competition. The artists will send in their entries in the wrong manner, incompletely or in the wrong form.

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