Bleaching Shirts For Sublimation

Bleaching Shirts For Sublimation

bleaching shirts for sublimation

Bleaching Shirts

Bleaching a shirt before applying a sublimation design can be an important step in making your DIY t-shirts look amazing. It adds a unique aesthetic to the finished product and is a great way to express your creativity.

The process of bleaching a shirt is relatively simple and doesn’t take long to complete. It is best to do it outside when there is sun available and use protective rubber gloves.


Bleaching shirts for sublimation is a great way to achieve bright and clear prints without losing any details on the design. It is a process that can be done by hand or with a heat press.

The first thing you should do is prepare a spray bottle with non-diluted bleach and water. It is important to use the right amount of bleach and water for your particular shirt.

You should also wear protective gloves while handling a shirt that is already bleached. It can cause a lot of damage to your hands so make sure you are wearing the correct type of gloves for the job at hand!

Once you have the bleach mixture ready, start to spray your shirt in random patterns. It is a great way to make designs that are different from one another and will give your shirt a unique look.

Bleaching Shirts For Sublimation – Spraying

Bleaching shirts for sublimation is a simple and effective way to create unique design features. This method is a popular choice among crafters as it allows them to showcase their personal style and personality.

The best fabric to bleach is usually 100% cotton. This is because the fibers are naturally absorbent and have a high strength-to-weight ratio.

It is also important to use a high-quality spray bottle when spraying the bleach. This will help ensure that you get consistent results.

Also, you can use a paintbrush to apply the bleach in a pattern. You can choose to use the brush to spray the whole shirt or only a small section of it.

You can also place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt to protect the back from the bleach. This will stop the bleach from spreading to the rest of the fabric and prevent your shirts from scorching.


Masking is a way to make a design less noticeable when it is on the shirt. It is a great option for people who don’t want to paint their designs or use stencils.

You can mask a bleached design by spraying it with a mixture of water and bleach. You can also use a paintbrush to create a textured look.

Before you start painting your shirt, put a cardboard box or trash bag inside to protect the backside of the shirt. This will help prevent the bleach from soaking into the fabric and destroying your design.

When bleaching shirts for sublimation, keep a steady hand to ensure that you don’t accidentally touch any parts of your design with the paintbrush. This is especially important if you have a decal on the shirt that you are not using.

Sublimation printing is a technique that transfers a printed transfer that uses ink and heat into the fabric. It is a much better way to print than heat transfer vinyl because the ink and fabric are fused together, creating a solid bond that is less likely to fade, crack, or wash away.

Bleaching Shirts For Sublimation – Washing

When you want to transfer a design in dark colors, you need to bleach the garment first. This is because dark shirts don’t soak up ink or sublimation print well, and bleaching can get the print to adhere and look great.

When preparing your shirt for the bleaching process, it is important to make sure it’s clean and free of lint. Lint can cause problems during the bleaching process and make the shirt less durable.

It is also important to preheat the shirt before the bleaching process. This is done with a heat press to remove any excess moisture from the shirt’s fabric, so that the ink can bond better.

It’s also a good idea to wash your shirts in cold water instead of warm, as warm water can actually increase fading of the printed areas on the sublimated apparel. This can also help to keep your shirts looking fresher longer!

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