Abstract Oil Painting: The Beginner’s Ultimate Expression of Freedom

Oil painting is a very interesting form of painting and is probably one of the weariest techniques in painting because of the time required to dry up the final output of an artist’s composition. The glory of the oil paintings in the Renaissance era allowed this particular painting technique to continue its legacy up to this generation and the masterpieces for this kind of painting continues to awe many art fanatics of the past generations.

What Artists Can Do To Promote Their Artwork

Many artists such as myself have a hard time figuring out how to promote their artwork and sell it. The term “starving artist” is no joke. Thanks to the internet, promoting your artwork and designs is made easier for “us”.

Drawing Effectively With Passion and Expertise

Is there such a thing as innate ability to draw well? Let’s probe a little to see if we can come up with some answers.

Screen Printing High Density: A How To Guide

Think high density screen printing is reserved for big shops with more resources than yours? You’ll think differently after checking out this tutorial on how you can produce high density screen printed designs on your manual equipment.

Your Spiritual Health – Crucial Facts Your Art Teacher Forgot to Mention

From grade school to graduate school artists are taught to explore their creativity, and little else. This can lead to frustration as you try to reconcile what you learned with what your heart is telling you. The source of that frustration may be what you didn’t learn.

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