Best sites for free SVGs for Cricut Silhouette StarCraft Solo and more Free fonts and designs

Best sites for free SVGs for Cricut Silhouette StarCraft Solo and more Free fonts and designs

Learn About Pastels

If you’ve never heard about pastels before, you might be wondering what they are and how they are used. You might even be a little confused by the word ‘pastel’: do they only come in pale colors? To answer the last question first: no, they come in a very wide variety of bright, vibrant colors (as well as pale, delicate ones).

Rome Renaissance Paintings

Italian Renaissance paintings are still very much with us today, and this article examines the role of the Italian capital, Rome, in the Italian art scene of that period. Despite being second to Florence in the creation of Renaissance art, Rome later overtook Florence in it’s overall use of this new phenomenon. The (now) Italian capital was happy to fully embrace Renaissance into it’s new architectural plans which developed the city into becoming what it still remains today.

Crucifixion Religious Paintings

Religious Renaissance artists chose to present Jesus Christ on the cross in a more natural, human form that had been seen before in art of the middle ages. The crucifixion represents Christ’s suffering and his gift to fellow man, which are hard to marry together. Some see Christianity as a slightly depressing or negative set of religions due to the well-known depictions of Christ, but if truth be known they symbolise as much good as anything.

Virgin Mother & Child Religious Paintings

The Virgin mother & child is a very common subject for religious and renaissance paintings and this article uncovers a little bit of information on the history behind this subject, and covers some of the most famous virgin mother & child oil paintings from the Renaissance era. Most Renaissance art originally came from Italy, and so most of the oil painters mentioned here are Italian.

How to See Like an Artist in Order to Paint Like One

How to see like an artist. So often people that aspire to be artistic painters give up after their first awkward attempts. Their reason for quitting is often that they feel that they lack talent. Many times, the real problem is that they have just never been trained to see like an artist. Learn how easy it is to develop this crucial skill even though it is initially unnatural for most painting students with average or no apparent talent.

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