The Silent Gods

Animals in Art Recently I received an email from a lady who wanted me to paint a portrait of her canary and she even attached several pictures of ‘Beasty’ to her email. Her request made me lift an eyebrow first and perhaps question her sanity a little bit, but then it reminded me of how devastated I was myself last year when one of our goldfish I was quite attached to died, and how another friend loves his corn snake so much he allows it to sleep in his bed. So why do we love animals so much?

Photoshop – Other Kinds of Selections

After getting comfortable with the marquee selection tool in Photoshop and the basic options provided, you want a little more flexibility making selections. Your selections aren’t always square and often you need to modify and make corrections to your selection. Photoshop has just the tools you need and these are still within the family of ‘manual’ selections.

Importance of a Professional for Raster to Vector Conversion

Digital photography allows one to tweak photographs to make them looker smarter. And converting from Raster to Vector is a special technique that graphic artists use. Online photo imaging companies apply it to help agencies and businesses to market effectively their products online.

How to Get Your Art Seen

The web is a great place to get your art seen, as you can add pictures instantaneously. There are dedicated art websites which give you the opportunity to post your work and build your reputation globally. The article shows how you can display your art though web.

How to Become a Jewelry Designer

In the fashion world, clothes are king but no outfit would be complete without quality jewelry. If you have always had a love for accessories and a keen eye for design and crafting, learn more about turning your passion into a career.

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