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The Chiaroscuro Lighting System for Visual Media

The setting of light in any design has a very great impact on a whole composition. Rembrandt Van Rijn’s Claudius Civilis showed the essence of dramatic lighting. For this writing, I would like to talk about the lighting technique of drawing called Chiaroscuro.

Arthur Rackham: A Painter of Fantasies from the Golden Age of Illustration

The title for this article was inspired by the commentary on Arthur Rackham’s early career that was provided by A L Baldry in ”The Studio” (April: 1905). Although Rackham was 38 at the time of Baldry’s comment, his career as a book illustrator had included major contributions to just a handful of books. Nevertheless, as noted by Baldry, by 1905, Rackham deserved to be recognized as one of the most distinguished of the watercolor artists of the age. A year after Baldry’s comment, what may be described as the first of Rackham’s masterworks in book illustration was published – “Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens” (Hodder & Stoughton, London; 1906) and over the next three decades, his creative efforts justified the description provided by Hudson (“Arthur Rackham: His Life and Work”: Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York; 1960) as being “the leading decorative illustrator of the Edwardian period”. Subsequently, with the passing of time, Rackham has been recognized as one of the leading artists of what has termed the Golden Age of Illustration.

Understanding Caricature: How Do You Draw Caricatures?

To learn how to draw caricatures successfully, you should always consider the facial features of a face to make it more recognizable. That is the real meaning of this art form.

Understanding The Mixed Media Techniques

Mixed media artists make visual artwork using a number of tools and also substances, often moving well beyond the traditional. Surfaces as well as substances found in mixed media artwork include usual artistic implements but develop to non-traditional materials.

Distinction Between Mixed Media And Multimedia Art

There’s an essential distinction between “mixed media” artworks and “multimedia art”. Mixed media does mean a work of visual art that mixes different traditionally unique visual art media.

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