Back to School Mystery Box

Back to School Mystery Box

Canvas Art – Soft and Beautiful

People use all sorts of objects to decorate their walls: old keys, kimonos from Japan, kids’ drawings, even old kayaks and bicycles. But, regardless of how much we like such objects, they are not art and art is what our homes need in order to become more than just a place to put sofas – the place to express our individuality. There is nothing that can show our sense of beauty as good choice in canvas art.

Tapestry – Inspiring Wall Art

Wall hangings and Tapestry have been a part of just about everyone’s home for centuries. You can never ever see an empty wall at anyone’s house or office. The walls are a reflection of who we are.

Maxfield Parrish Prints Are Increasing in Value

Maxfield Parrish was first given a commission to illustrate Mother Goose In Prose in 1897, and his career took off from there. Maxfield Parrish and his works are becoming more and more popular as time goes on, and many are sought after by major art collectors and galleries.

Plexiglass Mounted Photos and Their Rise in Popularity

There is a movement towards displaying professional and amateur photography on plexiglass through a process called face-mounting. Face-mounting is a skilled process in which the image is adhered directly behind clear plexiglass using a clear, double-sided adhesive called Optimount.

Decorating With Oil Paintings

Decorating your home with oil paintings can be a fun way to add a splash of color to a room that demonstrates an individual artistic flare as well as a healthy interest in the arts. Even better, an oil painting will never date (unlike that hideous polka dot rug…) – and in some cases will even become better with age like a fine wine.

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