Arabesque Ornaments with Cricut

Arabesque Ornaments with Cricut

David Shepherd – Internationally Renowned Wildlife Artist and Conservationist

David Shepherd, born 1931, has dedicated his life to the conservation of animals, in particular the many endangered species on our planet. He has come to acutely recognize the need for mankind to take care of our fragile world, and that unless changes are made in the imminent future, we are all going to be the losers in this amazingly beautiful world. We see more recently the meeting of over 150 countries in Copenhagen to discuss ‘climate change’, and the use of natural resources.

Learn How to Draw Cartoons For Kids

Drawing cartoons can be fun to do. Learning how to draw cartoons for kids can be especially fun if they enjoy if they do it as a hobby. If you have a child who is interested in drawing cartoons, you may want to help them flourish by having the drawing tools readily available. Practice will only make your child better at drawing cartoons. Help your child get better by even drawing with them.

Fine Art Paintings For Sale – 7 Tips That Enable the Artist to Speak Up

Know the sizes, colors, subjects and availability of your paintings. This makes a statement to the collector, that you are very serious about your art.

Prismacolor Colors

Prismacolor colors come in a wide spectrum of art materials, including art pencils and Prismacolor pens. Art and drawing is so spontaneous that I find it hard to dwell on a specific method of creating a piece of art, especially when you are using bendable materials such as pencils and markers.

Drawing Lesson – Lines and Shapes in Fine Art

To become more efficient in drawing in any area, especially in fine art there are few design fundamentals that must be learned. In this drawing lesson consider the lines and shapes in a drawing. Variety in drawings are dependent on many factors.

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