Applying vinyl to a canvas and tie dying to make fun art - spray tie dye

Applying vinyl to a canvas and tie dying to make fun art – spray tie dye

Design a New Career in Graphic Arts

When you read a magazine, buy a product at the supermarket, look at a billboard, watch television, or cruise a website, chances are you’re looking at the work of a graphic designer. Today’s graphic designers use traditional tools including pencils and paper, but they also use the newest and most sophisticated computer design software.

Understanding Impressionist Paintings

Impressionist paintings are a very beautiful form of painting that has been around since the 1800s. Most people that are not familiar with art do not know what exactly the term means.

Why Love Landscape Paintings?

Landscape paintings are beautiful works of art that help you to appreciate the joy of nature without ever having to leave you home. Not everybody is able to go to the wonderful places that are depicted on these paintings nor are they able to live near them.

Landscape Paintings – Inspiring Artists For Centuries

Landscape paintings have been able to found their way into the catalogues of just about any artist in the world. It does not matter the style of the artist, it is impossible as an artist to look at a landscape and not get inspired.

Impressionist Paintings – An Overview

Impressionist paintings date back to well over a century. It is something that Monet actually begun with his painting Impression, Sunrise. A critic coined the term and in no time it became a form of painting that many artists have done over the past century.

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