Applying long lengths of vinyl with transfer tape

Applying long lengths of vinyl with transfer tape

Illustrator CS5 – What’s New?

Adobe CS5 has only been out for a month or so. Let’s visit some of the new features in Illustrator, Adobe’s leading graphic and illustration tool.

What to Look For in an Art School

If you have ever wanted to learn to become an artist first you must know that art is an expression of creativity which goes beyond rudimentary skills and knowledge. Art is a form of taking your personal thoughts and feeling from your individual perspective and experience and expressing it. But yes, just as with learning to walk for the first time as a child, you can learn the technical aspects of different art forms so you are able to express your thoughts in an accurate way.

Adobe After Effects and the Company it Keeps

One of the most attractive features of Adobe After Effects is the company it keeps. Perhaps the most famous guest at this party is Mr. Red Giant, home of the Trapcode Suite and Knoll Light Factory of John Knoll ‘Star Wars’ fame.

Why Collect Original Artwork?

As an artist, I find it frustrating that most folks think that collecting original art is an activity solely reserved for the rich and the art connoisseurs. Price is of course an issue, especially when masters sell for millions of dollars at auction. Yet, there is plenty of artwork, from emerging and mid career artists, which is within everyone’s financial means. So why is there still hesitation?

How to Draw Cartoons

In this first of several articles, we begin to learn how to draw cartoons. The tutorial is aimed at beginners. No previous art or drawing experience is required.

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