Apply Vinyl with Transfer Tape

Apply Vinyl with Transfer Tape

Will You Be Left Behind If You’re Not on Pinterest?

Yikes! So much Social Media out there. So many new sites popping up to attract readers to your site. When I first went on Pinterest I was “over the moon” in love with all of the pretty pictures. After pinning a bunch of beautiful photos, re-pinning other’s photos the infatuation wore out very quickly. That’s because I just don’t get it. Most of the photos are pinned by many but the original photographer or artist gets no credit. However, I do understand the attraction. We all are attracted to new, shiny objects. Pinterest is like flipping through a fashion magazine. All of the decorating, clothes, photography can be wonderful for a few minutes of distraction, but like all social media, I find it to be a big waste of time. Yet, why I’m on all of the social medias? I do see a usefulness in them when done really well. I also like to learn and try new things. Sad point, most of us do a lousy job at social media. So, why all the buzz about Pinterest?

Artwork and Graphic Design Tips for a Display or Exhibition Stand

When designing a graphic or imagery for a display banner stand, the below information may help you make the correct choices to make it very affective. After all the main purpose for attending an exhibition is to reach potential customers or clients for more sales for your business.

History of Shona Art

This is an article about the tradition of great Shona sculpture artists. Shona is the main group of people that inhabit the country of Zimbabwe.

Design Trends of 2012

Magazine design is not that different from other graphic design, especially advertisement/promotions. Essentially your magazine is your product that you are trying to sell, which makes the similarities between product promotion design and magazine design very understandable. As we are seeing more and more, advertising is the new art. The creators of the latest Nike campaign are the Da Vinci’s of today. Just don’t tell the hardcore artists that.

Watercolour Artists – The Most Famous Watercolour Artists

It is thought that people used watercolours to draw images on the walls of caves in Palaeolithic times. The ancient Egyptians created manuscript illustrations with natural pigments dissolved in water. True watercolour artists, however, appeared much later – during the Renaissance in Europe. Now we can enjoy the spectacular masterpieces of many famous artists created from the 16th century to present times.

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