Answering Your Cricut Design Space Questions | Design Space Updates

Answering Your Cricut Design Space Questions | Design Space Updates

Francisco Zurbaran – The Spanish Caravaggio

Francisco de Zurbaran (November 7, 1598 – August 27, 1664) was a Spanish Baroque painter. He specialized in naturalistic portraits of religious figures.

How to Draw Using a Grid

One of the fundamentals of drawing is measuring between different parts of the image. Using a grid makes it a lot easier.

All You Wanted to Know About Humorous Motivational Posters

One of the main reasons low productivity and dull working atmosphere is monotony of work and work schedule. Humour helps in breaking the monotony and helps you gear up your stagnated career.

Eye of an Artist: Seeking for Graphic Design Inspiration

Establishing yourself as a serious graphic designer can be hard work. But it can be equally harder to continuously and repeatedly reach the expectations of clients that commissioned you to create eye-popping and jaw-dropping designs that they require of you. After all, the works that these clients ordered from you are what make other clients keep coming back.

The Convenience of A Graphic Template

A graphic template is very helpful whenever considering design and drafting. These are the foundations of most of the design materials in just about any building project. They are also useful for keeping up quality control.

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