Another week, another catch up! | Weekly Vlog #65

Another week, another catch up! | Weekly Vlog #65

Photoshop – Making Manual Selections in Photoshop

Photoshop has a variety of selection tools and techniques but great place to start is with the most fundamental tools: the manual selection tools. As you learn to use masking and channels and selection tools like the Magic Wand, you will be able to make more refined selections but like the basics in most of our life skills, you will find yourself regularly coming back… to the basics.

Top 10 Ways To Destroy a Comic Book Editor

Want to get back at that editor that has always been a pain to work to with? This will give you some great advice on how to stick-it-to-the-man.

Art Mat Sizes

If you want to make a photograph or piece of art really pop, you should assess the art mat sizes that you need to purchase to give your visual material a nice, classy backing. Choosing art mat sizes has a lot to do with knowing the size of your art (so get out that ruler) and knowing how much of a border you want on the sides of what it is that you are presenting. You could go with art mat sizes that are a quarter inch larger on all sides of your picture, if you want a small border.

Flower Images – Screen Savers or Wallpaper?

Decorating your computer with your latest stunning flower images used to mean installing them as screensavers, but is that old hat? Read on about installing your own or other inspiring images as wallpaper on your computer.

Learn Quick Tips of Drawing

This article defines drawing. This article also explains some quick tips of drawing.

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