ANNOUNCEMENT & Cricut Cutie Costumes

ANNOUNCEMENT & Cricut Cutie Costumes

Digital Printing – Solvent Vs Aqueous

Over the last 15 years Inkjet printing technology has seen an explosion in innovation. It seem now that almost anything is possible with inkjet printing but the choice of technologies can be overwhelming for print service providers, never mind your every day customer. In the following article I am going to lay out some basic rules of thumb to help you pick the right process for you application.

Vintage Art Posters – Leonetto Cappiello

Leonetto Cappiello (Italian 1875-1942) is considered the “The Father of modern advertising.” He developed a keen insight into the enormous power of effective communication, making him the most popular poster artist of his time. Born in 1875 in Cannes, France, he lived in Paris and became recognized as an Italian poster art designer.

Decorate Your Home With Canvas Prints on Christmas

Christmas is the time when families get the chance to sit together and have fun. Families tend to decorate their houses with decorations and most of the houses are loaded with Christmas decorations.

Photoshop – Sky Captain Movie Photo Effect

In this Photoshop tutorial I’ll be explaining how to duplicate the effect you see all throughout the movie “Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow.” The whole film has a monotonous feel, with faux film-grain and glamorous softening throughout.

Using Lens Effects Flare in the 3D World

Using Lens Effects Flare for the first time might seem a bit daunting. The interface contains so many elements that it is a wonder how anyone manages to build a lens flare – much less animate it!

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