ANNOUNCEMENT and let’s chat!

ANNOUNCEMENT and let’s chat!

Mural Artists Wanted – Nowadays You Gotta Be More Than a Caveman

In ancient times, there were cavemen and maybe cavewomen who were mural artists. These prehistoric mural artists wanted to create picture stories on the insides of their cave dwellings, and many of those stories are still visible to us now.

Sarah Graham Prints Look 3D

Sarah Graham prints have been designed to fool people into thinking the paintings are 3D. The popular artist revealed on her official website that she has become comfortable with own style of photorealist painting which aims to depict an image as life-like as possible. She said: “I have been developing a method of painting specific to creating the illusion of three-dimensionality.

Landscape Photography – Should You Choose Broken Or Solid Prints?

Landscape images can really brighten a room or create a calming atmosphere. Depending on a few main factors, you may choose to have your photograph blown up into one large canvas print or broken into several smaller ones. Here are a few tips for how to choose what is best for displaying your landscape image.

Colorful Web Designs – How to Best Use Color on the Web

Colour is everywhere. Colour is a form of communication.

Infographic Design – 3 Common Mistakes

Information graphics are widespread in newspapers, presentations and on the Internet. Yet many untrained in this art form are creating infographics that don’t provide anything new or compelling. Here are three common mistakes to avoid.

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