Alternative Materials to Fasten Face Masks

Alternative Materials to Fasten Face Masks

Rearranging Reality, the Merit of Surrealist Collage Art

A brief guide based upon personal experience on the use of collage art to create surrealist artwork. Even though the first examples of collage art that I encountered and loved were of the anarchic, satirical and political variety that was to be found in the inserts within punk band Dead Kennedys lps, and that collage and photomontage are very useful for making visual political statements, I also have a great love for artwork of a more surrealist nature.

Diversity With Style

Anila Zulfiqar has been a painter with an urge to develop and evolve as a painter of unique style. In this course, she has dipped her brush in colours that speak of her vision and point of view, from where she observes life around. Anila is a painter who likes to rely more on her visual memory and deep observation, instead of imitating what she sees.

Solutions in Interpretive Exhibit Designing

Solutions in Interpretive Exhibit Designing explores the various options a design team can employ when planning museum and other similar exhibits for both indoor and outdoor exhibits. Design teams can choose between a combination of interpretive panels, electronic multi-media or interpretive flipbooks.

The Importance of Colour Modes for Graphic Design Artwork

Colour modes in Graphic design are pretty complex and need to be correct to insure your artwork is using the correct colour mode for its media. Web graphics use RGB, print CMYK & finally PMS Pantone matching system. Using basic principles below you can achieve better results within your design work.

3 Tips on Finding a Job in Design

Discover tips for landing a job in digital, graphic, and web design. Finding a job can be touch, especially these days, but a few tips and tricks are sure to help!

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