All-in-One Insert Cards | Cutting Cards on Joy without Card Mat

All-in-One Insert Cards | Cutting Cards on Joy without Card Mat

JMW Turner: The Painter of Light

JMW Turner must be among the best known and best loved of all British artists. His paintings were hugely innovative, but their high quality and his prodigious talent were acknowledged even early on in the painter’s lifetime, so that he was able to earn his living by painting from a young age.

Joan Miro Versus Pablo Picasso

Two of the best known Spanish artists of modern times battle it out in Barcelona every year. Every year the city received hundred of thousands of tourists, with so much to see in the Catalan capital, if you want to take in an art museum, which one would you choose?

Creative (and Inexpensive) Tips for Marketing Your Talent As a Graphic Designer

Effective graphic design is a talent, and one that you have to market in order to attract new customers (or any at all, if you’re new). You know you have a talent that many businesses online could use, if you could just get it in front of your target audience.

The 5 Logo Tips Everyone Should Know

Logo design will impact your business on a long term scale. This is because your logo will be tied to your company and the products you are selling for a long long time. It basically becomes your face and means a lot.

Museum Planning – Flipbook Positives and Negatives

This article on Museum Planning ideas discusses the pro’s and con’s of using exhibit flipbooks as a essential element in exhibit design. Flipbooks are not widely used, however well-built flipbooks made from quality materials and binding systems have several distinct and valuable benefits.

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