Adobe Illustrator for Glowforge PNG to SVG Cut File

Adobe Illustrator for Glowforge PNG to SVG Cut File

What You Need to Know in Order to Give Yourself the Best Chance of Winning a Motion Graphics Pitch

This is written to ensure you give yourself the best chance of winning the project you are pitching on, to keep the time and resources wastage down to a minimum and to put yourselves in the best position for future work when it materialises. Even if you aren’t successful on the pitch, this information will at least help you make the right impression, so that the client remembers you for next time.

What You Need to Know From a Client Before Embarking on a Motion Graphics Project

I think we can all agree that re-rendering projects after delivery, or losing a commission after days of pitching can be somewhat frustrating as well as an enormous waste of time and resources. It seems a common cause for having the wrong thought processes at the outset, or delivering material with the incorrect format, ratios or title safety, is when designers, editors and motion graphics artists fail to attain enough detailed information from the client when taking a brief or commission on a project at the initial briefing or enquiries stage.

Robert Mapplethorpe – “Paul Blanca is My Only Competitor”

Paul Blanca (1954/58), official name Paul Vlaswinkel, is a Dutch artist (art photographer) who had a breakthrough in the early 80s of the last century with his confrontational violent self-portraits. The self-taught Blanca came into touch with the artscene when he met Eva Veldhoen, the daughter of the well-known Dutch painter Aat Veldhoen (1934). The acquaintance with this artistic environment was a real eye-opener for Blanca and shortly after he started photographing, first in color with a small screen camera but very soon after shooting in B&W using a Hasselblad camera (6 X 6 cm).

How to Draw Sports Cars – Master the Art in How to Draw Sports Cars

Learning how to draw sports cars is not as hard as you may have thought. Drawing sports cars is without a doubt a wonderful hobby and you require little or no capital to begin with.

Two Very Easy to Do Magic Tricks to Baffle Your Friends

We all love some magic tricks and being able to do them yourself and baffle your friends in even better. Here are two very easy to do magic tricks that you can do using cards.

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